The Edenton Cotton Mill Museum of History
Dedicated to preserving the heritage of the Mill and the surrounding Mill Village where its workers lived


Museum Now Open

The Museum is now open every Saturday from 11–2 (closed Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s weekends).

In our museum space, we exhibit artifacts and memorabilia of the Mill and the Village. And what’s especially exiting about this is that this space — our “bricks and mortar” museum — is in the building formerly housing the executive office of the Cotton Mill, right across from the the Mill and on a street with the restored homes of the Village!

The Museum Board Members and volunteers have worked hard — gathering material and mounting the exhibit.

The exhibit contains photos, old documents and maps, and items from the Mill and the Village. In the center of the room is a four-part “carousel” display, with photos from when the Mill and Mill Village were first built and on through to the present period.

We also have a wall-mounted flat screen TV — generously donated by Board Member Pat Hughes and her husband, Edward — that displays slide shows and documentary DVDs.

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